A lot has happened in the life of Ella Bleu Travolta since she was born 23 years ago to famous parents, actors John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston.

She lost her brother when she was only eight, started her Hollywood career the same year, and then suffered the loss of her beloved mother in 2020.

With the support of her loving father – who in the late 70s was adored for his smooth dance moves and vocal chops – Ella, an actor, singer and model, has also become a multi-hyphenate talent in Hollywood.

Born on April 3, 2000, to parents John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston, Ella Bleu was the baby sister to Jett, who died in January 2009 while on a family trip in the Bahamas. Jett, who was only 16, hit his head on a bathtub after suffering a seizure at the family’s vacation home.

Two years after Jett’s tragic death, Ella became a first-time big sister to Benjamin, who joined the Travolta family on November 23, 2011.

Ella is very close with her baby brother. Honoring his birthday in 2022, she posted sweet tribute on Instagram, saying: “Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy I know, I love you!!!”


It was two years before that her mom died after a two-year struggle with breast cancer. Preston was only 57.

The day after her mother’s death, Ella shared a heartfelt tribute to the “courageous, strong, beautiful and loving” woman.

Along with a gorgeous of photo of her mom, known for films like MischiefTwins, and Jerry Maguire, Ella writes, “…You have made life so beautiful and I know you will continue to do so always. I love you so much mama.”

Since Preston died, Travolta, the star of Grease, has been a devoted single father to Ella and Benjamin.

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Ella Bleu and her dad

The father and daughter share a tight-knit bond, and Ella frequently shares social media photos of the two in everyday family moments along with celebrating milestone occasions.

“I say he’s my biggest fan and I’m his biggest fan,” Ella told Parade.com. “So there’s a lot of support going on, which is, it’s amazing. I learned so much from him.”

Over the years, the duo has teamed up for several projects, starting with an appearance when she was only eight, on the film Old Dogs, that starred her mom, dad and the late Robin Williams.

Since then, the Broken Arrow star and his daughter have teamed up for several projects over the years, including commercials for Super Bowl and PlayStation. 

“I always jump at the opportunity to do something with my dad and we always have the most fun doing something together,” Ella told People of the Pulp Fiction star. “So, hopefully we’ll do something soon again. Maybe another project or movie. I’m always up for that.”

The Saturday Night Fever star says that despite their tight connection, Ella is an individual.

“She is her own person.” Travolta told People in 2019. “She is gracious, generous, poised, graceful and gorgeous. I don’t know how she came to be, and I don’t take any credit other than just adoring her…And maybe that’s a valid contribution.”

After being cast in Old Dogs as a child, she starred alongside her dad in the 2019 thriller, The Poison Rose and in 2024, she stars in the film Lost in Wonderland, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to acting, the young woman has an impressive portfolio that includes modeling and music.

At New York Fashion Week in 2022, she walked Karl Lagerfeld’s show, and in the same year, she released her track, “Dizzy,” which was promoted on her dad’s Facebook page.

“I’m so excited for Ella, her song, ‘Dizzy,’ is out right now!” He captioned the post, which included the video.

“He’s really proud, which makes me very happy,” Ella shared with People. “He really likes the style of music as well. He enjoys listening to it and he will show everyone.”

Ella, the singer of “No Thank You,” also takes every opportunity available to honor her mom.

In 2023, Ella – who follows a plant-based diet – recreated Preston’s “Got Milk?” moustache ad from the ‘90s, but hers was with a vegan-friendly alternative. She appears in the ad with Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley-Cook, whose parents, David Beckham and Christie Brinkley also appeared in the earlier ads.

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