Becoming a parent is always a big milestone for people. A lot of young parents look forward to seeing their children growing up and checking off more milestones on their lists.

This heartbreaking story of a young mother was cut off too short… Keep reading to know more about what happened.

A young mother from Hull, UK, had already brought her infant daughter’s Christmas present. 20-year-old Caitlin Faulder had given birth to her daughter Poppy 5 months ago.

According to the newspaper, the young mother from Hull, UK, had already bought Christmas presents for her baby.

Posted by Caitlin Faulder on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Faulder lived with her daughter at her parent’s home. She would have celebrated her daughter’s first Christmas this December. But unfortunately, she was found dead in her bed on November 19.

Her sister, Charlotte Faulder, says the family is heartbroken at the loss. Her sister should not have died so soon. When she was pregnant, Caitlin underwent an EKG, which showed some abnormalities to her heart but was told it was nothing to worry about.

Her sister revealed that she was supposed to get an echocardiogram when Poppy was six weeks old, but they never called her. When she eventually went to the doctor, she was told that everything is normal and her blood pressure was fine as well. On Saturday night, Caitlin was completely fine. She danced around and had a wonderful time with her daughter, according to her sister Charlotte’s recollection.


The young mother was excited for the Holiday season and decorating the Christmas tree, among other things. It was her father who found her dead in her bed. He heard little Poppy crying and wondered why Caitlin had not soothed her as well. He thought she still might be asleep so went to her room to investigate.

He went in and said, “Caitlin, Poppy is crying, wake up,” but it seemed that she did not stir from her slumber. He then looked closer and realized his beloved daughter was dead.

He immediately called emergency services, who performed CPR, but unfortunately, it was too late.

The family is surely devastated at this loss. It is important to always keep our health in check and be proactive in trying to figure out whether something might be wrong. Share this with others to raise awareness!

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