Jay Leno, 73, has filed to be the conservator over his wife’s estate.

According to court documents, Leno’s wife, Mavis Leno, 77, “suffers from dementia.”

The former late night television host is seeking to implement an estate plan, which he believes his wife would complete on her own “if she had the capacity to do so.”

Court documents filed January 26 in Los Angeles stated that Mavis has been “progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years” and therefore is unable to manage her own estate.

“Jay desires to execute an estate plan, including a revocable trust and will, which will provide for Mavis and Mavis’s brother and her sole living heir aside from Jay,” the documents read.

Jay Leno, Mavis Leno
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Throughout the court documents, doctors cite Mavis’ diagnosis, though never specifying the type of dementia, claiming it causes “memory, comprehension/processing, [and] delusional ideation.”

The documents also state Jay has “handled the couple’s finances throughout the term of their forty-three-year marriage, and will continue to do so until his passing.”

The hearing is set for April 9, and while Mavis is able to attend, she is reportedly “unwilling,” but “does not wish to contest the establishment of a conservatorship.”

Caring for a loved one who suffers with dementia is never an easy task.

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