There are quite a few musical instruments that are easy to learn. However, there are quite a few ones that will require years to learn, let alone become a master.

But it’s not impossible at all, especially if a learner will put in all the time and effort in learning how to play a particular musical instrument.

Although we are talking about mastering the craft, learning, and eventually becoming an expert.

It’s no secret to most of us that there are some who are called ‘gifted’ or ‘music prodigies.’

Do you know, Karolina Protsenko?

This young lady is on the watchlist of soon-to-be music artists and soon you’ll know why.

According to her website:

“Karolina Protsenko is a 13-year-old violinist who was born in Ukraine on October 3rd, 2008, to a family that loves music. Her parents play guitar and piano.”

“When Karolina was 6, her family moved to the United States in 2015. That same year, she started learning how to play the violin. She learned classical music. In the summer of 2017, Karolina began performing on the streets of Santa Monica, California.”

She has three YouTube channels and is also on Facebook and Instagram.

In less than 4 years, she has gained more than 10 million fans from over 50 countries.

People have watched her videos on YouTube and other websites over 1 billion times! She even appeared on the Ellen Show. Karolina has two wonderful little brothers.

Her big dream is to travel around the world, playing concerts and bringing joy to people with her music.

Do you want to see how good she really is?

Just recently, Karolina performed in a not-so-crowded outdoor venue where she was just enjoying the gift of music.

Together with a couple of young dancers, she did a violin cover of ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins.

The 80s song known for being upbeat and inviting, is indeed a perfect tune to play outdoors.

Under the heat of the scorching sun, Karolina gave everyone watching something to lighten up their busy days.

The young violinist wasted no time and started brushing through her string instrument. On the side were four young dancers serving as her backups.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly as planned when suddenly, a surprise unfolded right before the amused viewers’s eyes.

Instead of just playing the violin, Karolina started dancing too!

This teenage girl is, without a doubt, a total performer. While most people thought she could only create music with her hands, she could also pull off some slick dance moves with her feet.

She didn’t shy away from joining the group of dancers, she was literally doing it all for the sake of pure entertainment.

The video of her performance was uploaded on her YouTube account and as of this writing, it already has over 1.4 million views.

Viewers all around the world could not help but praise the young girl.

“I think Karolina is destined to become the best violining (multi instrumentalist) singer-dancer in the world. She is showcasing her extraordinary work on another level. Bravo to Karolina Protsenko and her talented musical family,” one viewer from Australia wrote in the comment section.

Surely, this young dreamer will go places.

Watch Karolina in the video below!

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