Eliza González has admitted to having an identity crisis after struggling to get work as she was considered ‘too pretty’.

Now, there’s no denying that being an actress is pretty difficult.

Firstly, in more cases than not you have to have some acting talent.

Even your least favorite actors and actresses still understand and can perform their craft better than the average person.

But beyond this, if you are hoping to star in Hollywood, you have got to look the part as well, you might have to be a certain, height, weight, body shape, whatever.

It is all part of the grind to make it in the industry but rarely do actresses say they were told they are too pretty for a role in a film or TV show.

Well, actress Eliza González has said this was a hurdle she faced during her career.

Eliza González being ‘too pretty’ for roles  was a hurdle she faced during her career.

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Speaking to InStyle magazine, the 34-year-old Mexican actress and singer said in the past she believed her looks had proven to be more of a hindrance than a positive.

“I remember being [told for] so many projects: ‘She’s too pretty for the role. She’s too hot for the role.’ Then I’d just be like, ‘What is Margot Robbie? She’s the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life!’”

She also explained what measures she was considering at the time to mitigate the issue.

“I had an identity crisis for a very long time. I was like: ‘Do I shave my head? Do I make myself less attractive? Do I make myself more attractive? Do I not dress super-hot, or do I dress super-hot, or do I cover myself all the time?”

González has also spoken about the importance of Latina representation in media and is happy to be a part of the change she wants to see.

González said she considered shaving her head and becoming less attractive in order to get roles.

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Speaking to Vogue magazine in 2021, she said: “I grew up watching all these beauty campaigns in the 90s and I wouldn’t see a lot of Mexican women in them, especially in these large-scale brands.

“It was always kind of sold to me that I had to be a specific style of woman to be ‘it’, and the fact that girls in Mexico who are brown and Latina like me will see a campaign like this and recognize themselves in it with the scale of the brand makes me so honored and happy.

“It’s normalizing an image for people and making people feel included and seen.”

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