In an unexpected twist, Michael Jackson‘s son has taken legal action against his 93-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson, seeking to prevent her from accessing funds from his late father’s estate.

Since the news surfaced, social media has been buzzing with reactions and opinions on the matter.

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Recently, reports emerged that Bigi “Blanket” Jackson, the youngest son of Michael Jackson, filed legal documents against his grandmother, Katherine Jackson. In these documents, Bigi requested the court to intervene and prohibit Katherine from using funds from the late singer‘s estate.

Bigi “Blanket” Jackson. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty.

The issue arose when Katherine expressed her intention to use the funds to appeal a prior court ruling concerning her son’s property. Initially, both Bigi and Katherine opposed the executors of Jackson’s estate in a legal matter, attempting to halt a business transaction. While the specifics of the transaction remain undisclosed, it apparently involved the sale of half of the late singer’s music catalog to Sony, per TMZ.

Despite their joint efforts, Bigi and Katherine’s case was unsuccessful, resulting in the court ruling against them. Subsequently, while Bigi chose to discontinue his involvement in the case, Katherine persisted and decided to appeal the decision.

Disagreeing with her choice, Bigi is now looking to prevent her from using Michael’s estate funds to cover legal expenses related to the appeal.

Expressing skepticism about the success and benefits of Katherine’s appeal, Bigi is reportedly questioning the necessity of continued litigation and is urging the court to limit reimbursement for expenses incurred before the appeal.

Michael Jackson pictured with Katherine Jackson in 2005. Credit: Aaron Lambert / Santa Maria Times / Pool Photographer / WireImage / Getty.

Social media platforms have become a forum for public opinion on the matter. Users on various platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), have shared their perspectives on the situation.

One person wrote: “Ummm, BLANKET….or whatever your name is, that is THEEE KATHERINE JACKSON AND HER BILLS MUST ALWAYS BE PAID!”

Another added: “He better leave Miss Katherine Jackson alone before DNA gets called and rocks his world.” 

Someone else chimed in with: “#BlanketJackson suing #KATHERINEJACKSON??? They’re not even BLOOD relatives!!! HOW DARE THEY!! #MichaelJackson.”

This unfolding legal drama is shedding light on the complexities and challenges surrounding the management of Michael Jackson’s estate, as well as the dynamics within the Jackson family… What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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