Kidnapped Michael Jackson’s pet chimp bubbles and took him to a hotel bar in Tokyo There was no ransom help for bubbles.
But the story was is we were all in the same hotel. We had gone up to see Michael. We hung out with him a little bit and asked him to come down and hang out with us just to get the poor guy. Out of his room. Yeah, he didn’t take us up on it, but he did send bubbles. I Know in our hotel, okay But he you know, he wasn’t very socially, you know comfortable with other bands, oh True story bubbles came down practically smoking a cigar.

Did you think it was like a prank at some point? No, no, no. Because we knew Bubbles was there with him.
I mean, when you meet Michael Jackson, he was, he was so striking, you know, you walked into his room and, and his manager took us up to see him and it was Richie and I, we went up to his room and, and Michael literally had the bullet belts over the top of it in his own hotel room and he enters his own hotel room and your, your eyes go wink wonk because it’s Michael Jackson. Right. And we make small talk for a while and he was incredibly engaging and wonderful and we said, man, you know, we’re having fun.

We got a couple of days off here to come on down, you know, have a cheeseburger, you know, typical Jersey bar band stuff. And he demurred. But he sent Bubbles down.
So then my last follow up question, did Bubbles have the cheeseburger? Bubbles definitely had the cheeseburger, the booze, he was like all over my wife, you know, he’s like, hey babe, I’m Bubbles. Now this last one, we, we were told this, we didn’t read this anywhere. We were told this by Lou Diamond Phillips when he was on the show.
Yes. So last one, true or false, you made a quick cameo in young guns too, as a prisoner that was immediately shot in the chest.

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