I wanted to document our entire 1920’s house renovation and extension in a single time-lapse video. This is everything so far from start to finish excluding the garden.

Step back in time and witness the remarkable transformation of our 1920’s house through an enthralling timelapse journey. In this captivating video, experience the entire renovation process condensed into a mesmerizing sequence that showcases the revival of a historic gem. From the initial stages of demolition to the meticulous restoration of period features, every moment is captured in stunning detail.

Watch as skilled craftsmen breathe new life into the vintage charm of this architectural treasure, preserving its character while infusing modern comforts and amenities.

With each frame, witness the evolution of the space as it undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, blending the nostalgia of yesteryears with the innovation of today. Join us on this nostalgic voyage as we celebrate the revival of a bygone era and the timeless beauty of a 1920’s house brought back to its former glory.

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