This video shows the entire process of transforming an old Spanish house into a modern eco-home. It took me 12 months (not including a break for 2 months in winter) and probably about 4000 hours of work.

To DIY renovate the old abandoned house into something that I really wanted to live in. I had to learn EVERYTHING – from roof building to plumbing and tiling.

This was a big project, I grew a lot, I went outside of my comfort zone and ended up in a totally different place in life – from living in a van to living in an amazing house, from not having a clue how to build a house to feeling fairly competent and from a fully nomadic lifestyle to something a little more settled.

This house, close to great climbing and with amazing views is more or less my dream home. After coming from the UK with its expensive property market it was great to find a budget property that I could renovate and live in without getting mortgaged to the hilt for the next 30 years.

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