Jarred from their reverie of hiking along a riverbank, a group of people encountered a mysterious object submerged in the water that seemed otherworldly.

And, after investigating they were even more surprised to discover the identity of the creepy figure!

Keep reading to learn about the bizarre object that can actually be found in waters around the world!

in 2021, residents in Bilbao, Spain, were unsettled to see a disturbing figure in the waters of the River Nervion.

The creepy face of a young girl – whose eyes are wide open – appears to be drowning in the murky waters that runs through the Spanish city.

Horrified yet intrigued, people gathered along the river to catch a glimpse of the lifelike head, whose haunting face is revealed as the tides fall, and submerged when the waters rise.

According to Reuters, Mexican artist Ruben Orozco – who was wanting his installation to inspire shock – towed the 264-pound fiberglass statue into its place in the dead of night, allowing the hyper realistic head to make its unexpected appearance in the morning.

He intended to spark conversations about sustainability and climate change.

“Reflection of the constant evolution of time that represents the rise and fall of the tides of the Bilbao Estuary. An expression of expectation before the decisions that we will make and that will determine whether we [sink or float]” Orozco writes on Instagram.

Mysterious figure

Using water as a natural canvas to display art isn’t as uncommon as one might think.

Recently, some people relaxing by a river were chilled when their gaze was directed to an eerie object submerged along the bank.

Unable to identify the mysterious figure from afar, the people were compelled to take a closer look.

With a mix of fear and excitement, the group decided to explore the peculiar item and moved towards the murky river water.

Cautiously moving forward, and uncertain of their safety, their hesitation was replaced by excitement as they approached the foreign object.

To their surprise, the mysterious figure turned out to be a submerged work of art, carefully designed with intricate details and lifelike features. It blended so seamlessly with its natural surroundings, creating a surreal and captivating sight.

While the artist is still unknown, the unexpected discovery turned a regular day into a memorable one for those who were able to enjoy the creative work.

This serves as a reminder to always keep your eyes open! You just might come across another underwater art gallery that will add to your enjoyment of your next adventure!

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