Kirk Cameron has joined the list of celebrities leaving California. The Growing Pains actor announced his decision to leave the Golden State on Wednesday.

He shared his decision to move from his home state came after witnessing California “moving in a particular direction for a long time” and creating “so much division”.

The father-of-six revealed he moved to Tennessee, partially because three of his grown children live in the state and partially because he was looking for a place that gave him a “healthy freedom mindset.”

“If everything hits the fan and there’s some serious economic problems and division going on, they want to be around people like they think who are all about God, family, and country. It’s a really nice place to be,” he told the Washington Examiner.

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Like it or not, Cameron discovered there are “a lot of California refugees” living in Tennessee.

“It’s shocking how many Californians are here. And when I see them in the grocery store, I tell them, ‘Don’t California our Tennessee,’” he joked.

Like his sister Candace Cameron Bure, many have left California “for safety and for security.” Cameron believes that although Tennessee seems to have a high number of former California residents, its “good wholesome values and, equally as important, good whiskey” make the state a more desirable place to live.

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