A tragic incident occurred over the July 4 weekend when a 4-month-old baby girl died after being exposed to extreme temperatures during an outing on an Arizona lake.

The infant, identified by relatives as Tanna Rae Wroblewski, had been on a boat on Lake Havasu with her parents when she suddenly fell ill and lost consciousness last Friday evening.

Tanna’s family performed CPR on her until first responders arrived and transported her to Lake Havasu Regional Medical Center. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead after being airlifted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“We are beyond devastated, heartbroken, there are just no words,” her grief-stricken mother, Tanya Wroblewski, wrote in a harrowing Facebook post. “I will never understand why you had to leave us, you were just too perfect. I love you endlessly and I will look for you everywhere, angel.”

Credit: Facebook / Alyssa Wolf Wroblewski.

The medical examiner has not yet released Tanna’s official cause of death, but authorities suspect it was due to a heat-related illness, as reported by News 12. AccuWeather records indicate that temperatures in the region soared to highs of 120°F last Friday.

In her Facebook post, Tanya Wroblewski shared the emotional difficulty of explaining Tanna’s sudden death to her older sister. “We don’t understand why you had to leave, how could she?” Wroblewski wrote. “She’s left out toys for you and made sure your favorites were all in the bassinet before bed the last couple nights. We are so heartbroken without you, baby girl.”

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office stated that it is still investigating the little girl’s death. This tragic incident underscores the dangers of extreme heat, especially for vulnerable individuals like infants. Authorities and health experts continuously warn about the risks of high temperatures, particularly in regions like Arizona where summer temperatures can be deadly.

Credit: Facebook / Alyssa Wolf Wroblewski.

Tanna’s untimely death has devastated her family and the community. The heartbreaking event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of taking precautions during extreme heat. Ensuring adequate hydration, seeking shade, and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun are critical measures to prevent heat-related illnesses.

The investigation into Tanna’s death continues, as the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office works to determine the exact circumstances that led to this heartbreaking incident.

The community remains in mourning, united in their support for the Wroblewski family as they cope with this unimaginable loss.

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