Horses are one of the most beautiful and, as it turns out, expensive animals in the world. The cost of a good horse exceeds millions, but not everyone can boast of such a price. There are only about a dozen of the most expensive horses in the world.

1. Horse Sharif Dancer

In the first place of honor is Sharif Dancer, who broke the record of $40 million. It was acquired by a whole group of shareholders, who divided this amount among themselves. This stallion could boast of an English thoroughbred breed, his ancestors were real horses, winners of national championships.

2. Horse Annichelator

Annichelator boasts a second place of honor and $19 million in sales. The horse boasted a beautiful mane, dark chocolate color and good speed.

3. Green Monkey Horse

Green Monkey was bought in 2006 for a record $16 million, despite the fact that he never raced. This price was due to the fact that the horse comes from a “family” of three-time champions.

4. Horse Seattle Dancer

The Seattle Dancer was sold for $13 million in 1985. His ancestor was the winner of several international competitions and was a thoroughbred English horse.

5. Horse Smetanka

The Arabian horse Smetanka was sold in 1775 for a record price of 60,000 rubles at that time. The horse got its name due to its interesting color, which became the main factor in choosing a horse.

6. Horse Mystic Park

Horse Mystic Park was purchased by Lana Lobell in 1982. Its price at that time was 5 and a half million dollars.

7. Horse Pine Chip

Pine Chip set many absolute records among the agility of trotters. The beginning of his “career” is subsidized in 2000, and the amount of his purchase is about four million.

8. Horse Sardar

Sardar is a legendary horse whose name stands next to many race records. Approximately eight records behind this horse, as well as the price of about 3 and a half million dollars.

9. Horse Strongman

The Strongman is a Belgian stallion that was sold for 47,500 thousand. Its new owner was a builder from Australia.

10. Shire horse

Shire – better known as the largest stallion or the largest horse, whose weight was 1524 kg. He was never sold, but his cost when he was still a foal was $25,000.

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