Every dog ​​owner wants to see their pet’s coat beautiful, fresh and shiny. You can take care of the dog yourself, or you can use the services of a groomer. Thanks to professionals, ponytail care will be much easier, and at home you will need to carry out only elementary hygiene procedures.

In this article we will look at the main types of haircuts.

1.Hygienic. This type of service includes plucking the hair in the ear canal, cutting the muzzle (edging the ears, cutting around the eyes), edging the paws, cutting between the paw pads and between the fingers, cutting the intimate area. This also includes cutting the nails. This haircut will help your ponytail look neat and well-groomed.

2.Home. Practical and convenient option. In everyday life, such a haircut makes it easy to put your pet in order.

3.Exhibition. Such a service is necessary when the pet regularly enters the ring and participates in competitions. It is carried out according to certain rules.

4.Pedigree. The dog is sheared taking into account the characteristics of the breed. Such a haircut will emphasize the dignity and natural beauty. Therefore, if you want your ponytail to always look like a needle, choose this particular service.

5.Trimming. A procedure in which the undercoat is removed with a special tool from wire-haired dogs: Scottish terriers, Giant Schnauzers, Jack Russells.

6.Haircut tangles. A procedure carried out for hygienic purposes to remove stray hair. The mats not only look ugly, but also cause four-legged discomfort.

7.Creative haircut. It is performed to diversify the appearance of the dog and give brightness to the appearance. Haircut can be decorated with coloring, sparkles, rhinestones. Decorative elements are created specifically for animals and will not harm the pet.

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