Christa recently adopted an African Sulcata tortoise named Marion. The turtle roamed freely in her yard. Krista’s two pigs were frightened by an innocent and beautiful animal. However, a third animal, Cleveland, a rescue pig, became interested in the turtle.

The first time Cleveland approached the turtle, he sniffed it, causing the little animal to stick its head and legs back into its shell. After that, Marion had doubts about the pig, but later quickly realized that Cleveland would not offend her.

Little Marion then walked right under the pig’s belly and walked comfortably. Cleveland became her best friend. This was a good indicator of their trust in each other. The rescue pig Cleveland came into Krista’s life by accident. The poor animal was found literally in the center of Cleveland.

His skin was badly infected and he had a fracture. It was then that Krista intervened, as she was worried about the pig. The kind woman already had two pigs, so she thought she could help and take care of this needy animal.

She knew that Cleveland would recover on his own if he had enough bed rest. So Krista moved the pig into her basement to begin his rehabilitation. He brought a lot of joy to her family. But, unfortunately, the cute pig turned out to be a loser and stayed with Krista.

Marion was Krista’s African Sulcat tortoise. A kind woman eventually adopted her as an infant. The mother turtle was always worried about her and knew she needed a friend. It was then that Cleveland joined her family. When the rescued piglet got out of the basement and began to go outside, he loved to ride in the pig pool.

Marion joined him in the pool and plunged into the water. It was when the naughty piglet dipped its face into the water and started blowing bubbles. They then sat outside and enjoyed a strawberry treat together. Cleveland helped Marion settle in and knew he was safe in his new home.

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