There are many people who love animals. One of them was Taras, who lived with his partner and beloved pets in the Costa del Sol, Spain. He had a very loving and caring attitude towards his pets, and the same love and affection was shared by all of his pets.

The tabby cat Taras also had a gentle nature and took care of other brothers and sisters. The owner always helped the younger pets to communicate with others very early.

He recently introduced several chickens to their beautiful and kind cat. At first, the kitty seemed taken aback by the sudden proximity of one of the chicks. However, self-control soon returned to the cat.

The cat began sniffing the newborn chickens. However, the kids did not seem to be bothered by the giant cat. The kids liked the gentle nature of the kitty and they wanted to play with her.

One of the chickens even climbed onto the cat’s back. The gentle animal was not disturbed by the three babies and sat quietly. Then, after a while, they all climbed onto the cat’s back and began to play with her.

The newborn chicks were soon tired after playing for some time and wanted to rest. So, they decided to snuggle up to a beautiful kitty. Then three naughty little kids decided to take a nap.

Even the cat rested her body in a relaxed pose. However, she kept an eye on the babies while they slept. When one of the sleepy chickens began to move away from her, she immediately grabbed the little animal with her paw. The kitty behaved like a real mother and took care of the kids.

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