Chipmunk Aram is a friendly little creature that loves to cuddle and get snacks. She knows she’s trespassing when she spends time with her human friend.

Juni, another local chipmunk, claims that her human friend’s porch is part of her property. She sits on the corner and diligently guards it while her human friend is away from home.

Juni reports to her human friend when she returns from errands. She reassures her human friend that everything is fine and looks for a snack as a reward.

A little later, Aram stops to visit his human friend on the porch. She knows the patio is Juni’s territory and jumps nervously at the slightest sound.

Sweet little Aram is so tense. You can tell just by looking at the stiff neck how scared she is of Juni. She hides in her human friend’s pocket.

The pocket is stuffed with delicious snacks, but Aram can’t help but peek to make sure Juni hasn’t come to chase her off the porch.

The adventures of Aram and Juni are such a joy to watch. Their human friend is lucky to have a pair of loving and funny critters to share her home with.

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