Misha and Kristin recently adopted Audrey the featherless cockatoo. One day, the couple met at work a beautiful 85-year-old woman whose husband had recently passed away. This greatly oppressed the bird, and because of this, she tore out all her feathers.

Audrey’s only feathers were on her head, tail, and a few at the ends of her wings. When the couple met the bird for the second time, it simply climbed right into Misha’s arms.

Misha wanted to take the bird and called his wife to ask if he could. They already had a pet dog, and Kristin was stunned by the news that they had adopted a cockatoo. The bird instantly became attached to Misha. While the new dad worked at the computer, the cockatoo sat quietly next to him.

It took Kristin a couple of weeks to hug Audrey and pet her. However, once she got comfortable, Audrey snuggled up to Christine whenever she wanted to and kissed her often.

Kakadu loved doing her hair. This was a turning point in the relationship between Audrey and her loving mother. After a couple of weeks of being in a new family, Misha once turned on the music, and Audrey began to sing along.

She swayed to the music and repeated her father’s every move. Kristin couldn’t believe that birds could move like that to music. The adorable bird just filled the couple’s day with happiness.

Audrey’s behavior slowly but steadily became happier. The cockatoo’s parents could see the change as the bird grew new feathers every day. Audrey just thrived and bloomed like a flower every single day.

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