Last month, volunteers from the animal welfare group Viva Bicho Santos rescued a frightened stray dog who’d been found crying on the streets in Brazil. The dog, whom they named Samanta, was pregnant, but she was also in very poor health,.

Sadly, despite now being in good hands, Samanta’s fragile body proved too weak to carry her babies to term.

Her motherly instincts, however, continued to live on without them.
After the loss of her babies, Samanta’s rescuers tried their best to cheer her up. They got her gifts in hopes they’d help ease her heartbreak.

Instead, they only seemed to remind her of what she’d lost.

Samanta had so much love to give, but in the end, the toys she doted on like a caring mom would never love her back.

Samanta’s rescuers had recently taken in a younger stray dog named Sara, who seemed anxious and lonely without the guidance of a parent.

So, it was decided the two should meet. And soon both their hearts were healed.

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