I am a nice woman, my shape is great, everything is in its place. It doesn’t matter that I am 65 years old. Everyone lives as if there is no life after 40, but life is just beginning after 40. A person should live in such a way that he/she enjoys his/her life at every age.

I lost my husband 10 years ago, we loved each other very much, we were very close. But when he is not by your side, he is no longer there, that love becomes unreal.

I have married my daughters, each of them has her own family, her own child. I am alone. I don’t know what to do anymore.

My children treat me well, I have no problems. But I really want my future spouse to be rich, to provide me with everything.

I have lived my life barely raising my children, I have deprived myself of everything. Now I want to enjoy a little more, why not?

I am looking for a handsome man my age or younger. He should have a business or a well paid work. If you don’t fit, don’t even try to contact me.

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