My husband and I were participating in an event with our families. We decided to make the event of my father-in-law’s 55th birthday very good and we thought we had done everything to organize such a day.

Everything was going really well until my father-in-law sent me to get the wallet from his pocket. To be honest, I had never done such a thing, but since it was his birthday, and he insisted I had to go into his pocket.

I wanted to take out his wallet, and a piece of paper fell out of it, and my hands started shaking from a word written on it: “Donation”. I opened the paper with great fear.

I read that my father-in-law donated our only apartment to his daughter. I don’t understand why he did that, but I quickly told my husband about it.

We quickly packed our bags and left that house. Let their daughter take care of them.

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