Everything I witnessed can never be erased from my memory. We were invited to a wedding. It was in winter and the roads were in terrible condition. There was so much anxiety inside me that day, I didn’t want to go, I told my mother that I shouldn’t come, I don’t feel well. My mother said, they invited all of us, you should come. My father died a long time ago, we went to a wedding with my three sisters and my mother.

We reached the place with great difficulty, it was snowing heavily that day, the visibility was bad, the driver was hardly driving the car. The wedding ended, the next day we had to come back because we were in class, there was no time to stay. It was snowing again, a part of the road was not cleared, the driver told us at that moment that it was very dangerous.

At one point he lost control and we ended up in a canyon, I don’t remember anything after that. When I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital, my relatives were next to me, none of my family members were there. It was not possible to save them. My mothers sister took care of me in the hospital, for a month they convinced me that everything was fine with them, but we were in different hospitals until everything became clear to me.

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