As far back as I can remember, everyone mentioned my grandparents as an example, as a good couple who are ready for anything for each other regardless of their age who love and respect each other very much. I remember even during the toasts, they mentioned them as an example and said: love and respect each other as much as Jim and Kate, you will have a successful family.

Now I’m older, and once I asked my grandmother, ”How did it happen that you still love each other so much?” My grandmother said, ”We were like everyone else, only difference is that when there was an argument in our house and your grandfather said something angry, I didn’t immediately get angry and answer him, nor did I get offended. Because I knew that your grandpa was angry, that’s why he said such things. At that moment, I was saying in my mind: Dear God, may my husband get peace and not harm his health by being angry. Grandfather also saw that I did not shout in the same way, I did not contradict him, he calmed down and apologized. So I learned that you should always be aware when to be silent and when to speak. That’s the way to be happy”.

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