Dear people, I have to say something now that none of you will believe. I understand that my mother-in-law is bad with me, but that she starts yelling at her own grandchildren is new to me. My children do not go near her. That day I was going  to go to a wedding with my husband, I told the children to stay with their grandmother, but no one stayed.

I was forced to leave in my mother’s house. Recently I asked  what happened, there’s definitely something that you’re behaving like this, and my little child came forward and said that grandma had been hitting them, yelling at them. I was surprised, I asked how could such a thing happen, he said  my mother-in-law had told something about me, they defended me, told not to say bad words and she started hitting them.

My husband was listening to all this sitting with me. For a moment he felt very bad. He hugged children and said that nothing like this would happen again and left. Then I found out that he had collected his mother’s clothes and taken them to a nursing home. I asked why he had done that, what would people think about us, he said taht he I had no other choice, that he couldn’t let her hit his child every day, when we are not at home to face it.

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