Lately my mother has been changed a lot, she became nervous. Especially after a war, there is no easy way to talk. My grandmother stays with us, the mother of my mother, my grandmother Taniya, you know, sometimes they are doing childish things, or asking questions.

I always talk to my grandmother calmly, but my mother can’t say a word quietly, she attacks me immediately, my poor grandmother is afraid to say something, when my mother is next to her is either silent, or says it so quietly that only I can hear it .

Yesterday my mother also came and fought with my grandmother for no reason, my grandmother also cried, then mother said that she couldn’t do it anymore, and she would take her to the nursing home and she will live peacefully. I know that she won’t do such a thing, but couldn’t stand it I got angry and said, ”I understand that you are tense, but such condition of yours affects all of us, neither grandmother, nor anyone else is guilty , mother, control yourself, you say such things to my grandmother in my presence, imagine after a few years if I want to take you to a nursing home forget about you, just imagine, what’s the blame of grandma that you’re nervous?” My mother looked at my grandmother, and saw that the poor woman was tumultuous, she fell to the ground from helplessness and started crying.

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