I knew very well that my son would never let me stay in a nursing home, let alone force me to be transferred there. But since I personally had no opportunity and contact with him during his living time in the US, my daughter-in-law said that my son ordered her to move me there.

I went there with crying, because I didn’t understand why I was unnecessary, cause my son used to send me everything, money and clothes, why would he suddenly think of sending me there?

In short, I lived there for several months, in agony and crying. During those months, I only prayed: God, let whoever deserves what may he gets it.

Several months passed. One day the door was opened and my son entered crying. He said that he was not the one who ordered the woman to bring me there, he apologized and said, “Get together, we are going back.” It turned out that my daughter-in-law was ill, that’s why my son came urgently from the US .

Thank you, my son, for being an attentive and grateful child. Indeed, whoever deserved what he got.

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