My wife is a good person, she understands everything and makes decisions only in the interests of our family. Recently she said that her patience wasn’t enough, she wanted to take my mother to a nursing home, she was doing well, I agreed with him, I would like to say more, if she didn’t do it, I would do it. I’ll tell you what, dear people, read to the end before shooting me.

She is not one of the kind of people you know. SHe messes things up, imagine that I’m his son and I say this with my mouth. She gives what we have  to others for the sake of her benefit, beats my children, says that they can’t let her be in silence.When I come home from work she starts arguing with me and doesn’t  let to eat a piece of meal. I don’t want to say what she says about my wife.

All this was not enough, we have a house, and she wants to give it to someone else, but for her, her sister’s son is more important and dearer than me, when I do everything for her. Even before, when her sister’s grandchildren were here, she would enter my room, steal my money, take it to distribute, buy gifts for them, but my aunt never remembered me and my children, or did not even call.

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