Noone has such mother-in-law. She supports our family and home so that people speak about us with great respect. In our community everyone knows her.  She respects them so much that when they have a problem, they come for help, she is always ready to give the right advice. She is such a good woman that even I was surprised.

It is surprising, but the reality is clearly visible. I am eager and studying everything from her. She calmly explains and teaches me everything. Well, I also listen carefully. Her son-my husband never raised his arms on me, we talk to each other with great respect and love.

We even have a neighbour who is envy, and considers us his enemies, but even after all this, my mother-in-law treats her well, and she teaches me too,  says, ”in any case, keep your height”. She tells me to take care of myself first, then take care of others, and if I ignore myself, everyone will suddenly pass me by. Just the right words, I have nothing to say.

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