Luna the cat knows she’s not supposed to be in baby Kallie’s crib…but what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt, right?
Except that mom Kelly De Alba knows everything! As she told to The Dodo:

“I got a notification…so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over her.”

Luna might not be able to say anything other than a few meows in her defense, but that’s okay because the baby cam that mom put in daughter Kallie’s bedroom tells the entire story of what’s really been going on between the two.

“She lights up anytime I talk about Luna or bring her near.”

There are two things that are very obvious from the get-go in this cuddly narrative about a baby girl and her furry best friend.

First, Kallie is definitely a born cat lover.

Given how comfortable she gets with Luna, she was probably a Pharaoh in a past life.

Luna loves snuggling and she is the sweetest thing ever. She even loves being a total snuggle-bug with the big kids in the house, too!

But, she definitely has a favorite human that she loves to give all her affection to.

“Honestly, she always veers back to baby. From the start it always kind of been Kallie’s cat.”

Luna may not always be the most comfortable around Kallie – because babies have surprisingly strong little fingers that can pull at delicate things like ears and eyeballs – but she’s still as patient as can be.

“How gentle Luna is with her amazes me. Kallie can pull on her fur and Luna doesn’t even flinch.”
Kitty knows that one day Kallie will grow up to worship her even more than she does now. So of course she’s biding her time.

“If I put a blanket down she’s laying on the blanket right next to her, just watching. If I go away, Luna is within a foot or two. It’s like, ‘My turn to watch.’”

Who needs a baby monitor when you’ve got a fierce little sweetie that will protect your baby like she’s protecting one of her own?

Not only that, but Luna also doubles as a live version of a stuffed animal, always there to keep her bestie safe and warm.

Luna was brought into the home after mom went to the shelter in search of a furry companion for the entire family.
“Right after I had Kallie I started going to the shelter, and they said that they had a cat they wanted to show us, and that’s when they brought in Luna, and, I mean she instantly was on Kallie’s car seat.”

Luna is practically a baby herself, which makes her the perfect companion for Kallie since they’re on the same wavelength.

“Everyone always said, ‘The cat will pick you,’ and she did.”

She did a good job, too, picking the perfect friend to hang out with!

Watch the video below to see this amazing baby and cat bond.
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