If you’re looking for ideas for your next home project, you’re on the right page.

We always consider the area of a room or home when it comes to building or renovating. It is more challenging for tiny apartments or houses because space is a luxury, and there always seems to be not enough room for any storage at all.

Fortunately, this YouTube videos features fantastic hidden doors and wise use of storage space.

The channel compiled different demo videos either from big companies or independent builders on their incredible creations.

One of the things we love is the storage ideas.

This secret storage underneath the staircase is brilliant. You can store so many things in them: shoes, sports equipment, power tools, and many more. You’ve probably seen other storage ideas utilizing the stairs, like adding drawers underneath, and we think that’s a good idea, too.

There are also fun storage ideas in this video, like the Giant Rubik’s Cube.

This is a fantastic storage idea for your children’s bedroom. It adds an interactive element to their room while utilizing every space that it occupies. There are drawers, cabinets, and mini chairs to study or play with friends.

The video also featured smart furniture innovations that are great for smaller living spaces.

Creators of these modern-day designs give you a chance to live big, even in a tiny space. We’ve seen in various little home videos we featured here that the small living space doesn’t have to hinder you from having full-size furniture and lots of storage space.

These innovations feature foldable, retractable, and smart technology.

With the use of an app on your phone, you can see your furniture fold, drop, and open, transforming closets to beds, ceilings to storage, and shelves to bigger cabinetry.

There are also other furniture that uses sliders to utilize both sides of the wall or door.

Take this shelf, for example. You thought it was just a simple shelf, but there’s a television behind it when you slide it to the side. No need to worry about prioritizing storage over entertainment when you can have both!

But what most people in the comments section raved about are the secret doors.

We’ve seen these features in adventure or action movies on how some characters have a mansion with many hidden rooms with secret doors. These ‘doors’ are often bookshelves or closets that lead you to a private room – some as small as just another closet, while others are as big as an entire house.

It turns out these secret doors are readily available for everyone.

Whether you have an expert builder make one for you or do it yourself, you can have your own hidden room in your home. It’s perfect for your little man-cave, home entertainment, or personal gym.

These are just a few ideas on how you can utilize space in your home.

Remember that most designers would always go for functionality over aesthetics. Creating furniture and fixtures with a dual purpose (primarily for storage) will always win in any home design.

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