I’m writing here because there’s no one to even talk to, and it’s impossible to keep it to myself. So… My husband stopped seeing me as a wife, for him I am just the mother of his child. I am 32 years old, he is 34.

The history of our relationship is very long. We have known each other for 12 years, our story started from our youth. At some point, love broke up, each of us had his/her own personal lives. We hardly saw each other and did not communicate, but 4 years ago we reconnected.

And now we have been married for three years, our son is one year old. At first, everything was like a fairy tale: romance, attention, affection. Festive dinners, nice gifts – my husband tried to surround me with as much care and warmth as possible. But now… First we stopped being close. My husband has not touched me for almost three months, because after the birth of my son, which is the last year, he stopped his  sexual desire.

This is what he told me. He loves (at least that’s what he says), but he emphasizes that for him love and having a relationship are different things.

Yes, and I feel that love. He helps, spends weekends with us, doesn’t drink, doesn’t go out. But here’s a problem that just kills me. The problem here, according to my husband, is not at all in all these features, but in my behavior. I’m asking for advice, maybe someone can help. I apologize in advance for the string of words, but emotions prevail.

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