My wife and I have been married for eight years, we are raising a son and a daughter. It turned out that I take care of the children and my wife earns money.

He has two higher educations and a well-paid position, while I am a simple village boy. We met at the service station where he brought his car in for repairs, left his phone number, and our relationship began.

At first, we didn’t plan anything serious, we just met from time to time. He did not burn with the desire to get married, I even more so. We got married very casually, and when our eldest son was born, my wife immediately confronted me with the fact of staying at home. From that time it became accepted that she is the head of the family and I am the housekeeper.

It is not a burden for me and I love children very much, but my wife’s attitude annoys me. She constantly shouts, insults, humiliates, even in front of strangers. As if I was not her husband, but a servant, and she was a lady of royal blood.

She takes advantage of the fact that I am a quiet and sensible person. Well, of course she scolds with money, I have no objection, I live with his full support. Although I was making good money at a car repair shop and felt like a normal person. And now my life has turned into something incomprehensible.

One by one I think that I would leave everything and leave, but I feel sorry for the children. She will spoil them too, hire a babysitter or send them to an elite boarding school. So you have to endure such a life, although sometimes you want to howl like a wolf. I wonder if I’m the only one like this or if I have friends who are unhappy. Respond, maybe we can find a way out of the situation together?

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