So, my son is already 30 years old, so what should we do now, he can’t find a normal girl, and I really like our neighbour’s daughter, she studies, works and cooks very well, I thought to do something so these two started dating, and I would be a mother-in-law with my neighbour. Otherwise, my son has already lost his hope, he won’t do anything by himself anymore.
So , I invite that girl almost every day to our house to drink coffee, so that they can talk and communicate with my son at least a little. As if everything was going well, I felt that she also liked my son, it remains to be able to melt the ice in her heart and make him like her, one day something terrible happened, I blame myself, that I let that unfaithful into my house.
I thought to leave them alone for a while, go down to the store and buy something for them, my daughter said, ”I will come too”, I said ”no, there is no need, stay at home, I will come back soon”.
When I came back from store and opened the door and saw what they were doing, I went crazy. How did I let that unfaithful into my house. So my son went to the balcony to smoke, that ill-mannered
decided to take advantage of the opportunity and to enter into my room and start rummaging my bag, can you imagine? I got rage, and this is whom I wanted to be my daughter in law. 
I got out and disgraced her and her mother in front of our neighbors, that next time they wouldn’t dare to open the door of my house, whom I was going to marry my son with, Well, at least I tore off her mask early.

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