I am already a woman of respectable age. I have seen many difficulties in my life and I have overcome them and raised my son alone. My husband left me with my child at a young age and went to his mistress. Since that day, we haven’t heard anything about him. I have worked in three places so that I could support and raise my child.
My son grew up with the discipline I gave him and is well aware of the price I paid for him to have a good life. It was not easy for a young girl to run three times a day and wash other people’s clothes, do cleaning, and take care of the child. I have deprived myself of everything so that my son does not need anything.

Two years ago, my son got married and brought home a daughter-in-law. That girl was a very demanding and self-righteous person, but I did not interfere in anything to make them live happily.

One day I accidentally broke her favorite perfume bottle. Out of rage, she raised her hand on me, slapping me. According to her, I ruined a very expensive perfume. I cried and went to my room. My son came home and when he found out about what had happened, he grabbed the wife’s hand and threw her out of the house.

He could not swallow such an attitude. I asked him not to do such a thing, but his decision was unwavering. My son said: “Mam dear, whoever hurts you, will deal with me, you are my holiness.”

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