My mother-in-law has not been around for so long that she did not ruin my birthday. I’m already thinking that she specially organizes everything, otherwise how could something bad happen every year on my birthday? My mom says, ”try not to answer her calls on your birthday”.

This year, I took a cake from store to celebrate my birthday with the girls, and I got a call before cutting the cake. As soon as I heard that, I fainted. I don’t even remember who hugged me and where they took me. I opened my eyes and saw my mom standing above me.

She said, ” forget what I said,there is nothing like that, George has been found”. George is my husband who also works as a courier in our store. I thought there was a car accident and after that, my husband is gone, but in fact my mother-in-law called my husband several times, he didn’t pick up and then she called me. But since she was saying everything with crying, I thought that George was not there either.

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