A week ago, I had one of my husband’s employees call our house, at first I was very surprised that they called the house, then I was even more shocked by the call. So my husband doesn’t go to work for about 10 days, he told me, he went to work for a week. And they know the place of work, they are not aware of anything and they are worried. They called me and asked how everything was, wasn’t my husband coming, nothing had happened…I left crying, I didn’t know what to answer. I thought to say that he was on a business trip, maybe he would be caught cheating, I had to say that he was sick, sleeping at the moment, otherwise he would talk. The employee wished him good health and said that if possible, my husband should contact them.

I put the phone down and I couldn’t get out of it for a few minutes. I’m terribly upset and I’m already sure that my husband has a mistress, he cheated me like that, but I didn’t understand one thing, why didn’t he warn me that he wouldn’t go. It turns out that my husband is enjoying his days with one of their employees in Quebec. He took it on vacation, my husband also decided to take advantage of the opportunity, he said at work that he was sick, he would take out the bulletin, and after that he left. He did it so that they wouldn’t doubt the place of his work. And the lie was not caught quickly. I have found out everything, I haven’t talked to him, let him come home and see how he will stay alone.

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