I can’t understand my mother in low, She is completely gone. If only You could see the condition of our house, what is happening in this small house, and in this small house me and my husband, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law, my son and his wife, my daughter live, just imagine. We share the rooms with each other, If only each of us has had his own room, but no, who has seen something like this?
My husband and I also work, we want to be separate, but every time my mother-in-law disturbs my husband, and convinces him. She shouts at me without shame. At least if I’m wrong, if I am wrong please correct me, but let’s imagine that the husband and wife share their room with someone, and it is every day. In short, yesterday I opened this topic again, I couldn’t stand it anymore, my husband started talking too, my mother-in-law immediately attacked, it is said that the best defense is attack, that was completely right in this situation.
As usual, we fought, I couldn’t stand it, I went and got a couple of things, I went and told my husband, ”If it’s normal for you that we share our room with someone else, then continue to sleep with someone else, I’m leaving.” What should I do? I went to my mother’s house. But my husband came and promised that we will be separated.

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