Sometimes, teens will be teens. And sometimes, those teens will be extraordinary, and here are 9 stories of teens earning scholarships.

  1. 18-year-old Evoni Williams, of La Marque, Texas, was a waitress at a Waffle House. One day, an elderly man on oxygen sat down at her counter and ordered some food.

When he got his order, he looked down at it and looked up at Evoni and told her that his hands didn’t work too well. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Evoni pulled his plate over toward her and began cutting up his ham for him. And even though the restaurant was busy, she took the time to talk to the man.

After the photo, taken by customer Laura Wolf, and her deed went viral, the mayor of the city proclaimed this past March 8 as Evoni Williams Day. He also awarded her $16,000 to attend Texas Southern University.

  1. Someone videotaped young Mason Ramsey of Golconda, Nevada, showing off his yodeling skills at a local Walmart.

Hmmm…. what an odd place to yodel…

But that videotape earned 11-year-old Mason a spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. And THAT earned him a $15,000 from Walmart through Ellen.

  1. 15-year-old Ann Makosinski’s science project was making a flashlight. Ok, cool…. but we already have flashlights. Ann, of Canada, however, made a very Different flashlight for the Google Science Fair. It was powered completely from the body heat by the hand holding it. Batteries NOT included.

It used special tiles that would warm up and light the LED bulb. She was awarded a $25,000 scholarship from Google.

  1. Titan Lacaden is only 11 and in the fifth grade, but his football talents are nothing short of amazing.

So when Nick Rolovich, head football coach at the University of Hawaii, spotted the young boy playing, he approached his dad and asked if he could offer his son a scholarship.

The proud dad said… Of course!!

  1. After the singer Drake filmed a music video for a song called “God’s Plan,” he traveled to the University of Miami and surprised a student there with a $50,000 scholarship.

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