Years ago, I was a poor boy who naively fell in love with a rich city girl. In my mind was the image of that girl and her name. I bought a bouquet of flowers for her with the last money I had, and she took the bouquet and threw it into the garbage with sneer. At the end she said: “Get away from me, I don’t make friends with a poor peasant like you. Come down from the sky, dear boy, we are from different worlds.”

I quickly ran away from that place, but her words were still ringing in my ears.

The years were rolling by and I had set a goal to become a very successful and rich man. I managed it. I was able to enter the university and graduated it with honors, then I got a job, and thanks to lots of my efforts, after a few years I was appointed one of the managers of that organization. Now I have also opened sewing salons in several places and we accept large orders. Naturally, my appearance and clothes have also changed, but inside I am the same honest peasant boy.

One day while walking fast, I accidentally touched a girls shoulder, I bent down to apologize and noticed that the girl was my ex-love. She also noticed me and quickly ran away, pretending not to recognize him. She quickly ran away, because there was a big bruise under her eye, which was probably done by some boy.
This is what happens with those girls who love the money more than anything.

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