My lovely mother takes good care of herself, she hasn’t met anyone else after my father’s death, she hasn’t let anyone close to her. That’s why I respected her, but I saw something that made me think differently. Let me tell you that it was a week ago, my mother convinced me that we should come and to my uncle’s house for a few days. Well, they live in the village, there is fresh air.

I also knew that she did it for us, she cares about my health, she sees how much I work, her heart hurts. I was surprised that she did not come with us. There was another topic. I had doubts, I couldn’t stay calm, that’s why I left the children in the village, and I found a reason and came back, but my mother didn’t know.

When I arrived home, I saw a car BMW parked in our yard, I opened the door and saw my mother with a man. They held each other’s hands and my mom put flowers on her knees. They were still romantic. They saw me messing with each other. I don’t talk to my mother now, instead of apologizing me, she tells me that she wants to get married.

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