My mom and dad got married, moved to the city and arranged their lives here. They worked, built a house and stayed here. My grandparents were not convinced in any way and they did not leave the village house and life and did not come to the city to live with us. They always said that ”the village is their home, the city is breathtaking”. I remember when I was a child, how happy we were when we went to the village or when our grandparents came to visit us. But the older we got, the more we started to feel ashamed. When they came to the city and we went for a walk, they would immediately start questioning the neighbours without getting upset, and they would say and ask such things as if they had known them for a thousand years, and they would get upset.

We would go to the park, and grandmother would take the money wrapped in a handkerchief from her lap and give me some money and tell me ” go get cotton and eat with your sister”. We were already big children and we said that we should not see anyone we know alone. We felt bad for what they did. Once in the transport, my grandparents started talking in their dialect, I hung my head. I couldn’t stand it that day, I said : you are not coming, behave a little normal, where are we going, you are embarrassing with your behavior. I hang my head so that I don’t meet a familiar person to see. They were very upset by these words, they did not say anything to me, but they did not visit us for a long time.

When I became more mature and my views on life changed, I was terribly ashamed of what I had done. How could I not understand that they were so pure and simple, they immediately wanted to help, they were naive. They loved us and did everything for us to show that they were grandparents. And I didn’t appreciate the best moments and missed the time to enjoy grandparents. Now I am terribly ashamed of myself and regret what I have done, but it is too late and they are gone. This feeling of conscience and shame is my punishment for behaving so badly then.

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