She is already quite old, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way she moves. Thanks God, she is a healthy woman. She is known well in the neighborhood. After this, you can imagine what kind of days I spent as a bride. She is very strict, disciplined and it was not easy to live with her.

Even now, she will say and do such things that I feel like I am an 18-year-old bride. Whatever they said, I jumped out of my seat. Even now, she can do something that makes you jump out of your seat and tense up. In short, I like her type, but I also complain. Over the years, I feel that I have become like her and now we find a good language.

That day, I naively entered the room and saw her picture enlarged and placed on the sideboard. a stranger far from her will think otherwise. I was scared when I saw it, and so are you. I shouted and said: what have you done, woman, why did you enlarge your picture and put it here? She answered something like that, I was stunned. She said: Girl , you still have your sites, you post your pictures, you are happy that they write good things. I don’t have a website either, I put my picture here so you can see it and tell me good things. Then she said: I have put it so that you remember at all times that I am watching you. Honey honey, I didn’t know what to say, but she knows what she did.

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