My parents live in the village. I came to London when I was a student and then I got married and stayed here. Now I have my work and family, everything is good. I love my parents very much and help them as much as possible. It is not that they are in a very bad situation. And I accept my parents as they are. Recently, there was a wedding, and we were also invited. When my mother and father entered the restaurant, they were looking at each other, some were just stunned, others were smiling at everything. I was terribly embarrassed at the moment, but quickly pulled myself together.

So, my parents came and didn’t prepare specially. My mother has a problem, and she does not wear high heels, she used to wear flats, which caused a lot of laughter. My father was also wearing sweatpants and a shirt.

I felt terribly bad and on the one hand I was surprised at my father’s clothes, because he knows that he is very consistent and neat about things. Then it turned out that the car broke down and papa stopped for a moment to understand what the problem was, the car’s oil spilled on his pants. He was forced to wear pants that were in the car. In a word, it was an uncomfortable situation, especially since I heard from the side: these are Jane’s in-laws, they ran away from this village, etc.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I was about to cry and my mother-in-law came to help. I was surprised, but my mother-in-law said: you look at people as if they are the bride and groom. They are my irrepressible in-laws, get to know them, who doesn’t know. I’m sure many of you wish you had in-laws like this. And very quickly my mother-in-law put everyone in their place and said : go sit around the tables and the bride and groom will come too.

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