My daughter is 11 years old. She is studying English with a very good specialist. The teacher does not live in our district. My child travels by transport. I am always giving her phone, and always send off and welcome her. A few days ago, she went to training, and I started my work at home.

The lesson usually lasts an hour and a half, I looked at the clock, two hours had passed and she had not called. I thought maybe they stayed a little longer and she would call soon. But 3 hours had passed and there was no news from her. I was terribly worried. I called her, Her phone was unavailable, nor does she come home. I called the teacher and asked, he said that it was more than an hour since he sent the child off.

I got worse. Everything was already going through my mind. Suddenly the doorbell rang, I ran and opened the door and there was my child with my husband. So, the phone’s battery died, she asked one of his friends, and called his father, told him that she wouldn’t be able to call me on the phone, and mom would be worried. The child did not even remember my number. The father said her to wait a little bit, he would go and pick her up and they would go home together. I got worried, my husband left his phone in the car and didn’t answer my calls. They came home, then I shout out to my husband, then I calmed down and hugged my daughter.

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