The Maltbie Bunch share their family videos online for everyone to enjoy. They have 48k subscribers which is really impressive. Their videos range from family moments, travels, games, and even mom’s pregnancy stories.

This particular one is when she gave birth to Harper Rose. Featured in the video is their son, Brayden, who is about to meet his baby sister for the first time. And he was pretty excited about it too!

He’s got flowers and a balloon!
Dad calls Brayden who’s been waiting in a room and together they walk to where mom and baby Harper are resting.

Dad asks,

“Do you wanna go and meet your new sister?”

To which Brayden responds with an,

“Yeah I can’t wait!”

As they near the room, the sound of a crying baby fills the air and dad tells him that what he’s hearing is his baby sister. Dad and Brayden enter the room. Harper’s cries soon stop as Brayden sees her for the first time. Maybe she knew her big brother was there?

Brayden cannot help himself.
The little guy starts tearing up and he’s not even hiding it. He’s still got a smile on his handsome face though. Brayden is just so caught up in the moment. Such is the wonder of life.

It’s contagious. That overwhelming feeling of love does spread, especially with family. They’ve just welcomed their newest member and everyone is just so happy. Let it out, guys!

Brayden moves closer to look at his baby sister. Mom reaches out to hug and kiss him as well. It’s such a sweet moment and little Harper is just there not knowing she’s the reason for this beautiful moment.

Babies have this wonderful effect.
Mom extends her arm out so that Brayden can lean in for his first kiss. This is one awesome big brother. And he will be. He’ll always have his sister’s back for sure. Brayden the bodyguard!

Look at Harper’s little feet! So small and yet already leaving footprints in everyone’s hearts. Those are permanent prints too. Consider it your first tattoo, Brayden! There’s more where that came from.

Happy tears!
That day, in room 2405, a big brother shed tears of joy. And because he did, so too did mom and dad. It’s truly a wonderful moment to see knowing that they are a tight knit family who put themselves first over anything else. Which is the way it should be.

Brayden was 6 in this video.
Which would make him 8 now and Harper Rose is 2. She can communicate and play well with her big brother now. You can bet that Brayden is so gentle with her. He probably sneaks in a few pinches and squeezes here and there with a smattering of kisses. Or a lot.

Not that Harper minds.
You see, the more attention and affection babies get as they grow older, the more they trust their parents and siblings. There’s an unseen force that binds families together. Physical acts of love always make people happy. Imagine what it can do for a kid and a toddler who have all their years ahead of them.

Brayden made a good first impression! See for yourself in the video below!

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