The holiday season is the ultimate time to be around the loved ones in your life. It’s the time to connect with family and friends you may not get many opportunities during the year to see. This is why it can often make you miss the people you’ve lost in your life. Reflecting on the good Christmases passed can potentially be sad, but it can also be a time to feel grateful for all of the people in your life that you care about, both alive and passed.

Neil Diamond’s song, “Christmas Prayers” is about remembering the people who aren’t around to celebrate with us any more. It’s a beautifully shot video featuring this touching song from his Christmas album “Acoustic Christmas” .

The people in our lives are our most important gift during the holidays.

Neil begins his song slowly, softly and singing from the heart.
He’s not as young as he once was, but his voice has aged wonderfully with an extra touch of raspiness. He’s still singing with integrity and passion.

This video was posted before Neil’s announcement that he is retiring from touring due to the onset of Parkinson’s disease. That is truly tragic but it’s clear that Neil Diamond is still singing beautifully even if he can’t go on tour anymore.

He still looks like ol’ Neil Diamond with his brown leather jacket though!
There’s even a poster in the background of Neil in his rocking prime.

The accompanying band are amazing too.
There are talented musicians on piano, upright base, violin and guitar. The song has a full and warm sound and is fantastically produced. The video itself is so well made and really makes listening to the song a treat.

Some of the lyrics really create this emotion of wanting to be close to lost ones around the Christmas season.

“I see you standing there, smiling down on me”

It’s hard not to feel overly sentimental during the holidays as it is, but lyrics like these make it even harder!

Clearly, Neil Diamond means a lot to many people.
His older music was really significant to many generations of listeners, and it seems that he still has many devoted fans. One comment reads:

“I really need Neil Diamond to live forever. Let us each give him one year of our lives so that he can. His music is too damn wonderful to lose.”- Michael Leon

And it seems like many fans are lifelong ones, and that they seem to like Neil’s voice as much as ever!

“75 years old and you still have your beautiful voice!!! I love you since I was 3 (now i’m 27). Greetings from Chile.” –P504Opala

Neil obviously still has all the charm and style that he ever did, and I’m confident that there will be many people listening to this album! Hopefully people will still hop online and watch this touching video fo Neil singing sincerely from the heart.

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