Maverick Pit Bull fell in love with little Mia at first sight. The dog does not mind being a babysitter for a child.

Over time the baby reconciled in her life only with the presence of his father. She adored him and was too attached to her.

As you can see in the video below, Mia begs Maverick to play with her when dog sleeps. Mia is sad when the dog sleeps and she tries to wake him up. She sticks her finger in the dog’s mouth, trying to wakes up him. When Maverick sees Mia trying so hard to wake him up, he is surprised. When Mia hugs her, Maverick starts kissing the baby’s face. The dog loves Mia very much.

Pit Bulls are usually called cruel and terrible “monsters” all over the world, but these dogs are just obedient creatures who are very happy to devote themselves to people who take care of themselves. Some people are afraid of their size, but a Pit Bull who raised in a loving family will never hurt anyone. Mia is a lucky to have such a wonderful babysitter.

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