Belly dancer Darcy Lin Farmer made history in 2017 as one of the youngest contestants ever to receive the title of winner of America’s Got Talent.

Due to the fact that Darcy Lee received a Golden Buzzer from Judge Mel B for unrealistic seasons for her singing, it is clear that she was destined to become a star. It seemed that after impossible tricks and 52 million votes, the “abdominal press” was recognized as the winner of the 12th season, ahead of its fellow participants.

During his stay, America’s Got Talent some of his talented dolls won the hearts of the superstar judges. During one of her first appearances on the famous talent show, 13-year-old doll Edna admitted that she had her eye only on Simon Cowell.

Since she attracted the nation with her adorable dolls, the 13-year-old has appeared on the list of highlights several times, including at the Very Pentatonix Christmas concert, which drew attention to the sold-out own ticket to the “Planet Hollywood” in Vegas.

Darcy Lynn, who sings to the judges causes fits of laughter with his old wife Simon Cowell, who is in love with Simon Cowell from America’s Got Talent.

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