My son and daughter-in-law have been married for a year. I always thought she was a normal girl. We live together now, but we will see in the future, how they want. We have normal relations- warm, family-like. But that day when I came home from work, I couldn’t find my place when I saw something like that. My daughter-in-law did not notice that I came home, she was in my room and was destroying my shelves. I came to the room and got mixed up, I asked ”What are you doing?”, she said ”I’m arranging” . I didn’t make a sound, maybe she was really doing something. But one doubt arised in me, then I was looking at my things and I was checking that I had some gold and some money saved.

I both felt bad and wanted to understand why she entered my room. In the end, it turned out that my daughter-in-law and my son wanted to make a surprise for my birthday, and my daughter-in-law was taking my passport information to make us go to Egypt with my husband. I was terribly upset and ashamed that I doubted my daughter-in-law, but we are humans, what can we do?

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