It’s easy for me to talk about this now because it’s been a year since it happened and I’ve been able to adjust and digest what happened to me, but in the beginning I was so bad and broken that I even thought about taking extreme steps. I don’t want any girl to ever feel what I felt when I found out I was cheated on.

I got married a year ago. Everything was as we planned-beautiful wedding, dress, guests. They even bought travel tickets to go on a honeymoon three days after the wedding, but that honeymoon never happened because we were only married for one day. Yes, one day lasted my married life and I ended up in hell. On the first day of the wedding, after waking up, I was busy tidying up my room when I left the room and went to the window that overlooked our garden to shake off the dust cloth. My husband and mother-in-law were secretly talking there, at first I didn’t pay attention, but then I heard my name, stood up and started listening.

I was in shock. My mother-in-law instructed my husband not to tell me under any circumstances that he is infertile and cannot have children. My husband was also listening with his head down. Then he said that one day I would find out, my mother-in-law said ” She won’t know either, she’ll say let’s go to the doctor, you won’t go, we’ll say it’s because of her that you don’t have a child, but you won’t get divorced until something happens”.

I couldn’t believe that I was hearing all that and it was happening to me. It got dark before my eyes, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was already lying on the sofa, lost in a cold sweat. I came to my senses, I went to my room, gathered my things and told my husband: I’m not going because you can’t have a child, but because you and your family cheated me meanly and you would continue to cheat and use me if I didn’t listen to your and your mother’s conversation. I cannot live in a family where human values ​​do not exist.

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